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At the beginning of this century, CEO Peter Bijvelds saw possibilities in the zero emission for cities and in 2010 he established Ebusco.

Ebusco is dedicated to the development, marketing and sales of fully electric city buses and regional buses. It’s our goal to contribute to a better living environment by enabling reliable, sustainable, emission-free and affordable public transport. Ebusco is a pioneer and a forerunner in the development of electric buses and charging systems.

Ebusco is not just a bus supplier. The buses are one of the tools used in the transition to emission free public transport. Ebusco offers a total solution for operators and PTA’s. In addition to supplying electric buses, we provide advice and support for depot equipment, charging infrastructure, sustainable energy and if necessary financial solutions thanks to our shareholder ING. With over 10 years of experience in electric buses, Ebusco not only provides high-quality electric buses, but also offers a fully integrated solution for a cleaner and better living environment in cities and regions.

Ebusco in a few words:

Vision: Driving the transition to sustainable public transport

Mission: Deliver economical, reliable, innovative solutions to the demand of sustainable public transport

Values: Integrity, trust and empowerment – Value people – Passion for disruption – Customer focus – Constant innovation

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