The relation between France and the Netherlands

The Netherlands and France are becoming increasingly more important to each other. The trade between the two countries has been increasing steadily in the last 5/10 years and France has become the third main trade partne/r of the Netherlands after Germany and Belgium.

In 2019, the export volume from the Netherlands towards France amounted to €40.308 billion and the overall annual trade volume reached €57.83 billion in 2019.

The Netherlands and France are also closely connected in the field of investments, particularly in the areas of transport and energy. The Netherlands are the 7th largest investor (2020) in France. The Dutch presence on the French territory is significant with over 2.400 businesses in France, accounting for more than 260.000 jobs, and with a total turnover of more than €51 billion.

* Export and important data 2019/2018/RVO